Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is aimed at encouraging the client’s own healing processes to take place naturally. The body heals and repairs best when the nervous system is in a relaxed state. However, with modern-day living, this state is often hard to achieve, which can lead to undue stress.
Because of its gentle nature, craniosacral therapy can be enjoyable and beneficial for all ages from new-born babies to the elderly. It is widely used for a whole range of conditions. In the elderly, increased vitality and sense of wellbeing are common advantages, the delicate nature of the therapy is also a huge appeal. Mothers, babies and children often come for problems associated with infertility, pregnancy, traumatic births, behavioural problems and learning difficulties. Releasing tension held in the body allows them to relax and settle into calmness where the body can start to repair and regulate. New-born babies often have problems like colic, sucking problems during breastfeeding, teething and restless nights where they seem agitated, biodynamic craniosacral therapy can help ease these complications.
People often come for a treatment to ease acute physical conditions like headaches and back pain or for acute/chronic problems both physical and emotional. Many of us use this therapy as a preventative measure, alongside other healthy lifestyle choices, to keep physical and emotional health in good condition. Others come to support the stresses from busy lives and everyday challenges. This therapy is also highly effective at speeding up the recovery period after surgery, illness and injury. It can also help to improve sleeping patterns and ease the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders. Book your appointment today!